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Interested, but still concerned about not getting your money's worth? No Problem! Try out the


Try it FREE for 15 days - place ALL the Text & Banner Ads you wish - and if not satisfied - just go to the payment processor you signed up with and cancel the subscription by day 15 (the first payment is made on the 16th day). So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by testing out TOAN.

We are a group of marketers teaming up to make The Online Ad Network (TOAN) a resounding success and we can help you get started.

When you join TOAN with us, you will get:
*Skype Support*
*Custom Splash Pages*

Splash Page
Lead Capture Pages


1. Sign up to Team Toan

Sign in to TeamTOAN site and click the Referral Builder link.

3. Sign up for The Online Ad Network, using the referral link in the Referral Builder page.

4. Once that is complete and account is verified, sign back into the TeamTOAN site and past your TOAN affiliate link into the Referral Builder.

5. Repeat the process for any of the other complimentary programs in the Referral Builder that appeal to you.

6. Along with your TOAN affiliate links - promote the Team Tone site with your site affiliate link.

The Opportunity: 3x10 Forced Matrix

If your patient, and or only interested in using the advertising service, then you can wait for the matrix to begin to fill
If in a hurry to earn - then test the product and introduce it to 3 people, then help them to get their 3 people, and so on

Level Potential Advertisers Available: Totals
13 (You're In Profit!)$6.75 $20.25
29$1.00 $9.00
327$1.00 $27.00
481$1.00 $81.00
5243$1.00 $243.00
6729$1.00 $729.00
72,187$1.00 $2,187.00
86,561$1.00 $6,561.00
919,683$1.00 $19,683.00
1059,049$1.00 $59,049.00
Potential:88,572 $88,589.25
Note: This table is for illustrative purposes only to demonstrate potential revenues. We do not guarantee any level of income. Your decision to join The Online Ad Network should be based on your desire to reach targeted network marketing prospects for your products, services, and/or opportunities.

Milestone Achieved: Monthly Commissions Cash Bonus:
3 Levels Filled$56.25$100.00
4 Levels Filled$137.25$200.00
5 Levels Filled$380.25$500.00
6 Levels Filled$1,109.25$1,000.00
7 Levels Filled$3,296.25$2,000.00
8 Levels Filled$9,857.25$5,000.00
9 Levels Filled$29,540.25$10,000.00
10 Levels Filled$88,589.25$50,000.00
Each bonus can be qualified for and received one time.
To Qualify: You must have at least one personally referred active advertiser and your own account must be in good standing.

Network Marketing Advertising - Start Free


Traffic Wave Money Maker Systems (TWMMS) Simplified

TWMMS is two parts; the advertising co-operative, and then Traffic Wave itself. Step 1 and 2. And you do it through this link:

Watch the Video on that page!

Watch the video which explain how this works. Then scroll down to join where it says "Step 1 and Step 2"

Complete Step 1. - Sign up with Traffic Wave (take the free option)
Complete Step 2. - Sign up for theTWMMS ad coop by inserting your TW Username and paying a $2 service fee  takes you to Traffic Wave
where you sign up. TW is $17.95 per month. Then come back to this page and complete Step 2 where you sign up for the co-op. You won't be charged for the Co-op ($17 per month) for the first 2 months (except a $2 service fee).

In theory - you should not have to recruit if you don't want to - and the Co-op should gradually fill your matrix. Personally, I don't plan to wait for that. I want to be earning $88,000 a month (or something approaching that) ASAP. 

Here is a graphic depiction of what happens with this system. It looks complicated, but it's not. On the left, the owner of TWMMS lists all the ways his co-operative is advertising to drive traffic our way. Then below the matrix, he lists all the bonus extras we will get each month by belonging to the co-operative.

Bottom Line:
- Traffic Wave is $17.95 per month. I can PIF you your first month. Once you're signed up into Traffic Wave and the Co-op - go to Traffic Wave and register into the Matrix Buster. That will prompt me to go in and PIF you. Which in turn, prompts Traffic Wave to credit me for $17.95! Which makes the first month free for both of us! Then, you turn around and do the same for three people (or more).

See the thumbnail link below. That's almost $200 Traffic Wave sent me for PIFing people!

- Then starting in 60 days, you begin paying $17 (per share) per month for the ad co-op.
And if we don't want to do anything else, we can do that and wait for people to fall into our matrix. Or, you can market this too and make it happen faster, improving the odds of the matrix getting large enough to create good earnings.

- Earn Four Times as Much! That's Dr. Bryan Stoker's ad co-op. Then Traffic Wave itself has one as well I believe it's around $35 per month. So if you're aggressive you might want to do both. Another think you can do is to get FOUR positions, immediately filling your 2nd level and starting on your third right out of the gate. Here's an article - I believe by Bryan about this aggressive strategy

You GET (besides the product) THIS compensation program paying up to a maximum of $88,000 per month and some outstanding tools such as the "Matrix Buster" and it's own internal PIF system - not to mention the advertising Co-op designeded to make selling this and filling your matrix even easier!

Build Your organization and earn 4 different ways

  / | \
Level 1: Earn Six Dollars for every active sale on your first level. Each first level sale pays six dollars. Cover your monthly subscription costs with just 3 active sales on your first level.
  / | \ / | \ / | \
Level 2: get paid to build your email marketing lists get paid to build your email marketing lists get paid to build your email marketing lists earn residual commissions from email marketing earn residual commissions from email marketing earn residual commissions from email marketing email marketing pays with
  / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \
Level 3:

Monthly Residual Commissions

SURFER: To qualify for Monthly Residual Commissions at the Surfer level, you must have at least one personally referred Active sale. You will then be paid through 3 levels of your organization as follows:
Your Organization Sales We Pay Earnings
LEVEL ONE SALES 3 $6.00 $18.00
LEVEL TWO SALES 9 $.75 $6.75
LEVEL THREE SALES 27 $.75 $20.25
TOTAL AVAILABLE: 39 - $45.00
TIDALWAVE: To qualify for Monthly Residual Commissions at the TidalWave level, you must have at least five personally referred Active sales. You will then be paid through 5 levels of your organization as follows:
Your Organization Sales We Pay Earnings
LEVEL ONE SALES 3 $6.00 $18.00
LEVEL TWO SALES 9 $1.00 $9.00
LEVEL THREE SALES 27 $1.00 $27.00
LEVEL FOUR SALES 81 $.50 $40.50
LEVEL FIVE SALES 243 $.50 $121.50
TOTAL AVAILABLE: 363 - $216.00
TSUNAMI: To qualify for Monthly Residual Commissions at the TSUNAMI level, you must have at least ten personally referred Active sales. You will then be paid through 10 levels of your organization as follows:
Your Organization Sales We Pay Earnings
LEVEL ONE SALES 3 $6.00 $18.00
LEVEL TWO SALES 9 $1.00 $9.00
LEVEL THREE SALES 27 $1.00 $27.00
LEVEL FOUR SALES 81 $1.00 $81.00
LEVEL FIVE SALES 243 $1.00 $243.00
LEVEL SIX SALES 729 $1.00 $729.00
LEVEL SEVEN SALES 2,187 $1.00 $2,187.00
LEVEL EIGHT SALES 6,561 $1.00 $6,561.00
LEVEL NINE SALES 19,683 $1.00 $19,683.00
LEVEL TEN SALES 59,049 $1.00 $59,049.00
TOTAL AVAILABLE: 88,572 - $88,587.00

What to do now:

1. Click the button to the right and watch the video

2. Scroll down to join - complete Step 1 (join TW)

3. Return to that page and complete Step 2. (join the co-op) provide your TW username to create your TWMMS referral links

4. You will get an email from Bryan Stoker's TWMMS with your Money Maker System TW referal links. This is what your should use to recruit.{YourTrafficWaveUserNameHere}

5. Get PIF'd - return to Traffic Wave and get your first month paid for! Sign in - go to Affiliate Mgr. and then on left click Matrix Buster and register. This will flag your upline to PIF for you!

6. Now share with your warm list and advertise and do it all again with new members for 10 levels down. If everyone does this with 3 people within a week - we'll soon be rich!

Get your three and it's free - and then help them to get theirs.

Now you're on your way - with practically no cost or risk - you've set up a powerful online income generator! Now just market this and create some residual income.

Tools for my TWMMS Team
I contacted the owner about getting some banner ads and check out what he sent me - all sorts of neat
splash pages, banners, etc.

Page 1 Getting Started Bonus  Marketing Tools

Page 2 Banners and Ad copy

Page 3 Splash Pages    

Green Banner URL:

Bryan's Incentive to buy TW ad co-op

There are a bunch of text ads, some email ads, a few banners, and more on the Marketing Aids page:
Not all of them go directly to home pages. Some go to viral pages that end up on the home pages.

Splash Pages Of choice (remove "diamondlou" at end and replace with your TW User Name

468 x 60 Banner link:

Just replace my TW affiliate ID (drstoker in the links above) with yours. These all work just like the encodable home page. When someone clicks on the splash page button, it takes him or her to the encodable home page.
There are also about 8 squeeze pages available here:

I suspect you already have the skills to host them on your own sites, but I can put them on if you wish for a small one-time fee. I was trying to create encodable versions of the squeeze pages too, but I haven%u2019t been able to get the dynamic assignments for the Trafficwave opt-in forms to work yet.

I also have a new squeeze page I just started to use; it indirectly refers people to TWMMS %u2026 I%u2019m thinking about modifying it for use by downline members when I get time. If you want to take a look at it, the squeeze page is here:
When people register for their free gifts, they are added to the TWMMS sales campaign, and the Landing page is here:

The confirmation page is here:

NEW Splash page (compliments of Alex Moody)