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Traffic Fusion is the ONLY Traffic Exchange in the business that offers its members "Surfing and Promotion For Referrals - a way to build a team of referrals without having to sponsor.

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Once you get tired of clicking for ad credits and you just want a lot of advertising check this out. T2P is like an ad co-op where you pay a flat fee $I took $20 option) and they bring the traffic to our sites.

The Secret to successful online network marketing

  I've been earning a living online for over 15 years. For over a decade, that was publishing an investment newsletter, for around the past 4 yours in network marketing. I'm contacted by people wanting to work online all the time. So I've created this document to give some ideas on getting started.

I'd love to be able to tell you that it's easy, that there is some sort of "set and forget" magic bullet that guarantees success with next to no effort. Sorry, it just doesn't exist. Or if it does, I haven't found it yet. Here's my story and what I believe is the successful approach to network or affiliate marketing online.......................................................
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If you require an autoresponder, you should consider Traffic - Brian's original company launched in 2000. The program also has a 3x10 forced matrix paying a similar amount if filled. The programs work well together and my Traffic Wave membership has shot up with no effort since getting into The Online Ad Network this past October.

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After lengthy careers in H.R and Investment Publishing, Louis began online marketing in 2008. His goal is to help you to make money online, even if you've never had any success yet!

 Having gone through the long arduous task of figuring out this game, Louis can save you a lot of time and money by steering you to the right programs and drastically shortening your learning curve. Let Louis help you to become a successful network marketer today.

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"Louis is a very productive person I admire his skills and persistency and he is
a great team leader
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"I want to thank you for being such an awesome sponsor. You are always here to help if you can. Too many of these types of businesses, you sign  up, and never hear from anybody again. I truly thank you for not being that way. God bless you!"                        - Richard Arnold - Aurora, Colorado

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CAUTIONARY REMARKS: High returns imply high risk. To assume otherwise would be extremely foolhardy. These kinds of programs can disappear overnight. Spend only what you can to lose. Put money in, purchase some add units if you want the advertising. And if anything comes back, it's a bonus. Withdraw the amount you spent and some. Then going forward you are "playing with the house's money."